We would recommend all of our clients drafting a plan which encompasses a list of critical suppliers to measure and evaluate the risks of disruption should a service be temporarily unavailable. Consider if you are a manufacturing Company > What if your main supplier of raw material, consumables or stock had a two month affected delivery window. Are you aware of alternative suppliers? Is your Business setup for employees to work from home and remotely, do you have cloud infrastructure in place with a central document management system and mobile phones for all of your employees?

Xero – Remember that Xero is designed to be the financial hub of your Business. It is designed that it can be accessed anywhere, on any computer or mobile device and enables your invoicing and accounting function to keep moving during these times.

GSuite – Consider ramping up your employees used of shared working environments. Gsuite is a great cloud working environment an allows documents to be worked on by a number of employees at one time.


If you get stuck and would like to discuss your options or plan with your Accountant, please contact us on 01843 291944 and we can discuss shared experiences from other clients.


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