Accountants who care

We do all the usual things you’d expect from an accountant – filing accounts, preparing financial statements and lodging tax returns – but we believe business owners deserve so much more than that. If your business is going to be successful then you need an advisor who’s going to do more than just lodge a return.

How we help

Here’s how we’ll help you prosper.

Accounting And Compliance

Accounting and Compliance
Everything you need to do, done. Financial Statements to comply with stakeholders. We’ll take care of meeting the stringent government compliance stay on the right side of HMRC. Our team can prepare accurate financial statements, reports and tax returns in a timely manner, without missing the details.

Personal Tax

Personal Tax
Keep your personal taxes in order, minus the stress. Kent Coast Accounts can handle it all for you so your personal tax submission is seamless.

Business Tax

Business Tax

Accurate calculation and reporting of your Businesses taxation. Reported in the right way. From income tax to corporation tax and capital gains tax, your relationship accountant can help you handle your Business in the right way to ensure that you are paying the right amount of tax.


The day-to-day bookkeeping tasks can become overwhelming for business owners. We can help automate your bookkeeping process by the introduction of an onsite or offsite Bookkeeper. We can ensure your accounts are in order and reconciled, giving you the numbers required to help make business decisions in real time, giving you back your precious time.

Accounts Systems ConsultancyAccounts Systems Consultancy

Work smarter, not harder. Many businesses duplicate financial processes and data in between spreadsheets, software and paper. Our goal is to help you develop and implement effective business systems that suits your unique situation. From EPOS tills, to employee management systems to webcart management platforms. Our team can draw from their unrestricted knowledge in business experience to help develop the right solution for your needs.

Consultancy Services And Business CoachingConsultancy Services and Business Coaching

It’s entwined with what we do. Accountants is just a name, as we have worked with so many different businesses and share combined business experience – we offer practical consultancy, business coaching and executive accountability to all clients to help them achieve goals.  


Vat And Making Tax DigitalVAT and Making Tax Digital

It’s here. Making Tax Digital, HMRC’s first step to a digital accounts system. Our clients are “digital by default” meaning that they are setup for making tax digital from day one. We’ll make sure your business is compliant with all regulations so you’ve got a solid foundation for growth.

Weekly, Monthly, Four weekly – We have an in house payroll professional who can handle direct payment of staff for all employers from one to fifty employees, five days a week.

Cloud Services ConsultancyCloud Services Consultancy
Strengthening in house systems and processes by aiding in technologies, we are able to help deploy cloud services to improve your Business workflows. From company workspaces such as GSuite to the custom development of paperless office solutions which integrates with Accounts. Our individual cloud services consultant can help improve your Businesses cloud app pallet.


Internal Controls And Accounting Systems TrainingInternal Controls and Accounting Systems Training
From day one we provide our clients with an individual training coach which can help train our clients in their internal controls and accounting systems. From teaching key personnels to spot and prevent fraudulent transactions on a ground level to coaching management and field level employees on how to use their accounting systems to report effectively. We can develop a training cycle for any business.  

Company Secretarial & FormationCompany Secretarial & Formation
To welcome a new Company into the world, correctly, quickly and then to ongoingly manage its administration with the public registrar.

Automatic EnrolmentAutomatic Enrolment
Navigation of the compliance duties of the workplace pension – it’s correct enablement, application and execution for employers.


Self EmployedSelf Employed
If you’re self-employed as a sole trader or in a partnership, you need to keep accurate records and report to HMRC. We can help you through this process and ensure you’re compliant so you don’t have to worry. We can provide free apps to allow you to take a photo of your receipts and digitally store them – ready for submission.

Tax PlanningTax Planning
This is the fun part. Structure your Business, assets, investments and returns effectively and just through the one decision we can help you reduce your tax liability effectively and correctly.

Tax Enquiries And InvestigationTax Enquiries and Investigation
With past experience in professional defence and litigation, our team can help provide professional defence and handle HMRC compliance checks. We can also help bring up up-to-date unsubmitted and undisclosed compliance and support customers to come clean with their affairs, building relationships with authorities and enabling clients in amnesty campaigns.


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