Further to our previous correspondence and despite Sunak announcing that these Business cash grants would be sent out automatically. Thanet District Council and Canterbury Council has announced that there will be an application process according to their website. More information about these grants can be found here.

However for the meantime, we will publish an update as soon as we see Thanet District Council or Canterbury City Council provide a further update. For our clients further afield please check your local authorities website for details. https://www.gov.uk/find-local-council

Properties that are occupied for personal use (for e.g. private stables, beach huts, car parking spaces and personal storage) will not qualify, nor will those properties whose liability is calculated using the small business multiplier (this is shown on the business rates bill).


Update: 1st April 2020;

Both Thanet District Council and Canterbury City Council have updated their website to state:

We are identifying businesses that can get a cash grant and will write to them on or soon after Tuesday 7 April. If you have not received an email or letter from us by Wednesday 15 April and think you should get a grant, please contact the business rates team.

  • If you pay by Direct Debit, we will pay the grant into the bank account from which you pay it on or soon after Tuesday 7 April
  • If you don’t pay by Direct Debit, we will write to you on or soon after Wednesday 8 April with a link to an online form for you to give us your bank details

Please don’t send us your bank details in any other way, as it will mean your payment is delayed.

Update 9th April 2020:

For those Businesses who do not currently pay Business rates via DirectDebit, where the council may not currently already have your Bank account details to send the grant funds. The new application process online forms has been opened online on the Thanet District Council and Canterbury City Council website this morning and is now available to process submissions. You will need:

  • a copy of a recent bank statement for the bank account you would like the payment to be made to (this can be a photograph or screenshot, if a digital copy is not available)
  • your company registration number and VAT registration number, if you are a Company. (Remember most Partnerships unless they are LLP’s will not have a number)
  • your business rates account reference (this can be found on your most recent business rates bill – we may have this on your ReceiptBank account if you are unsure – so please do give us a call)

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